Are wasps dangerous – some recent news – be careful!

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Some reports in the news today (6.9.13) highlight the danger of wasps and DIY remedies to wasp infestations.

The Daily Mail reported on the sad story of Lyndsey Brealey who returned home to find she was homeless. Lyndsey of Sherwood in Nottinghamsire returned from a short break to find that a neighbour had decided to tackle a wasp nest in a cavity wall. His method dousing a rag in white spirit and pushing the rag into the cavity wall with a stick. A sudden gust of wind fanned the fire and the entire house was engulfed in flames.

Folks please do not try this at home. Our prices are very competitive and our methods are safe.

To read more of this sad tale

Other stories in the Metro and Telegraph confirm that we are at that time of year when “Drunk and jobless” wasps are on the prowl having feasted on fermenting fruit. They have done their jobs for the year; their queen no longer needs them and they are at their most agressive and dangerous.  A leading expert stated “Worker wasp’s have finished their lifes work as queen wasps have stopped laying and don’t need food bringing to them. This means that the workers are free to go out and enjoy themselves.”

Please be careful if you have wasp nests they can be difficult to deal with. Our treatment costs only £39 and will give you peace of mind.Wasps

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