Foxes in Surrey in Spring

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Folks We are seeing an increase in calls in relation to fox problems as spring approaches, this may be connected to the recent improvement in the weather allowing people to be out and about in their gardens for longer periods and seeing more of foxes and their activities. There are a number of solutions we […]

Rats invade houses due to flooding

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We have recently been contacted by The Epsom Guardian, to give advice with regards to the increase of rats moving into houses due to the recent ongoing wet weather and flooding. Reporter Alice Fosters article dated 6th February is headlined “Rats invade homes in flood-hit Leatherhead and Ashtead” Alice called us regarding reports that local […]


Rodent prevention makes sense!

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Now that winter has well and truly arrived we are receiving an increasing number of calls to rats and mice which have gained entry to houses. The cold, damp and frosts are driving these pests inside in the hope of finding warm and comfortable accomodation. Many people do not know that mice only need a […]

Late Season Wasps Are Dangerous!

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Folks after hardly any wasp calls during the early part of October  we have started to see an upsurge in calls to active late season wasps. Be aware the late season wasp is aggressive and can be dangerous. These wasps are the hardy worker wasps who are living out their lives having served their purpose […]