Summer Special Wasp Nest Treatment

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Summer Special – One visit to your property to deal with up to two wasp nests £45 Compare our prices to your local authority; we are significantly cheaper and our work is fully guaranteed. In most cases, we can provide the service within 24 hours of being called out. Do not risk dealing with a […]

Autumn 2017 Change of Pests

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With the cooler days and darker evenings upon us, the pest problems are changing. It has been a slightly odd summer. There have been fewer insects around this year than normal, in particular wasp number have been down this has resulted in a reduction in the nuisance caused by these striped visitors during BBQ’s and […]

Please be wary of wasps

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Folks the wasp season is well under way, we are taking many calls from customers who have been badly stung. Recently we have attended homes where nests have been constructed in folded up garden parasols, bags of soft toys and in golf clubs. Trying to move these items will break up the nest and the […]

Wasp treatment @ £39

Wasp treatment Summer Special £39

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Folks, we are pleased to confirm the return of our annual “Summer Wasp Treatment Special Offer”. We have pegged our treatment price at £39 for summer 2014. Please note that this offer includes the treatment of up to 2 wasps nests on a single visit to your property. We are less than half the prices […]

2014 – First Wasps sighted

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Folks 12th march 2014, we have had the first call of the year from a regular customer reporting that he has wasps in the house. Last year the wasps did not start making an appearance until much later in the year, around the middle of May. The warm summer did allow them to keep going […]


Mice lose their fear of cats

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A number of recent reports have found that mice infected with a microscopic parasite Toxoplasma gondii permanently lose their fear of cats. Mice typically pick up the parasite when they eat cat faeces. One of the main effects of this infection has been found to reduce the aversion to cat urine , which cats use […]