Squirrels drive local residents nuts in the attic!

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Folks this last week has seen a large increase in call outs to problems in lofts. The cause on each occasion has been grey squirrels. Many people think these are a cute native species whom they like to see hopping and running round their garden.  The truth is the grey squirrel or Sciurus carolinensis is not native to the UK but was imported in the 19th century from Noth America. The grey has had a detrimental impact upon our native red squirrel and has dramatically reduced the population of the reds.

Greys squirrels start to breed between January and April if successful they can often have a second brood in the summer. They will often enter lofts through holes in soffet boards or gaps in tiles. They will be very determined and even when gaps are repaired they will frequently return and chew through the blocked holes. The grey is related to the rat family and is a rodent, as such it has very sharp incisors which constantly grow, it needs to chew to keep it’s teeth in good shape.

The grey’s habit of chewing leads to a number of problems for householders;

Chewing of electric cabling leaving exposed live wiring which is a fire risk.

Chewing of wood, plastic, plaster causing damage to the structure of the building.

Other problems include;

Defacation and urination within lofts, this has obvious health risks and again can cause damage to the structure of the building.

One of the primary reasons grey squirrels enter lofts is to find a good warm dry environment in which to breed. If you here noises in your loft do not ignore it. It may start with only one or two squirrels but this can soon multiply. I took 18 squirrels from a single loft in a 12 month period!

Grey squirrels are a pest species they cannot legally be caught and released. The only treatments available for squirrels in the loft are the use of poison or the use of cage traps. If cage traps are used the squirrel must be despatched humanely.

If you have squirrel problems do not delay call us immediately, we offer a range of options at reasonable prices. Illustration of grey squirrel

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