Rodent prevention makes sense!

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Now that winter has well and truly arrived we are receiving an increasing number of calls to rats and mice which have gained entry to houses. The cold, damp and frosts are driving these pests inside in the hope of finding warm and comfortable accomodation. Many people do not know that mice only need a 5mm gap to gain entry. (not much bigger than a standard pencil).  The best remedy for rodent infestations is not traps or poison but is proofing the premises to prevent entry. There are many proofing systems available, the majority of which are reasonably inexpensive yet extremely effective.

Good proofing prevents rodents entering, which prevents damage to property, the spread of rodent urine and feaces, the risk of of the spread of diseases and the contamination of food.

You can spend a small fortune on diy traps and poison, these will only treat (if your lucky) the immediate situation, but will not prevent a recurrence of your problem.

We at 6 boroughs pest control offer a wide range of options at affordable competitive prices.


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