Know your pests!

Whilst there are many species of insects, rodents, birds and mammals in the UK, only a few species cause problems.

An animal or insect that causes a pest problem in one scenario may be acceptable in another. It is therefore most important to correctly identify the species that is suspected to be causing a problem.

Sometimes the species may not be considered a pest, it might even be a protected species such as a bat or badger. Information must be sought as to the legal status of the species before any control measures are implemented.

There are however several pest species in the UK considered to be ‘public health’ or nuisance pests. Within the following pages we are only concerned about the public health varieties.

If you are unsure as to what is causing a problem at your home or business, seek advice from us we are fully qualified and experienced in dealing with a wide range of pest species.

Pest controllers need to evaluate issues such as breeding sites, life cycles, and when and what to apply in treatment strategies. Their professional training ensures that they select the correct materials and equipment to solve your pest problem quickly and efficiently.