Noises in the Attic – Do not wait act immediately!

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We are currently seeing a surge in call outs to customer homes following noises in the attic. Unfortunately some customers are only contacting us after putting up with the noises for several weeks. The noises are usually described as scurrying footsteps or chewing noises. The cause of the noises are normally either, squirrels, rats, mice or occasionally birds. These nuisances will have found a way into the attic through defects in the structure of the building. Often these defects are very small and can at times be difficult to detect.

When examining attics for infestations some of the signs we look for dropping, signs of chewing and disturbances in the insulation. If you find any of these indicators in your attic please do not ignore them.

Pests which occupy attics, do not normally go away of their own accord. Attics provide good harbourage, they are safe, dry and reasonably warm. Attics provide an ideal breeding environment, if you ignore your problem you are likely to find that your family of pests grows rapidly in size.

At 6 boroughs pest control we have a large number of solutions to deal with the particular unwanted guest which is troubling you. We also search for the defects allowing the pest access and provide advice and solutions to prevent future infestations.

If you are hearing noises do not delay contact us straight away. Remember pests in the attic can be very destructive and  can risk your safety by chewing through electrical cables and water pipes.

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