Increase in calls to rats inside houses in the last few weeks.

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We have had an increase in calls from distressed householders regarding rats invading homes. The severe wet weather seems to have coincided with the rise in reports. Amongst the problems reported are flooding from the attic as a result of the chewing of water pipes and the contamination of foodstuffs in kitchens. If you hear scratching or scuttling noises in your house either in the loft, under the floors or from within the walls, please do not ignore it in the hope it will go away. In the vast majority or cases the problems will increase if ignored, rodents breed prolifically all year round.

The brown or Norway rat, which is by far the most common rat in the UK becomes sexually mature at 12-16 weeks. The gestation period is 21-24 days and the litters can range in size from 6-11. The weaning period is 3-4 weeks. Female rats can and often do become pregnant whilst weaning, it is common for a female breeding rat to give birth to a litter every 28 days or so.

If you ignore the sounds of scratching or scuttling for a few months, one pair of rats can turn into a sizeable infestation. Rats will happily breed with brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers or offspring!

One of the characteristics of rats and other rodents is the fact that incisors constantly grow and there is a need to regularly gnaw to keep the teeth growth under control. A result of this is that considerable damage to a wide range of materials is caused by rodent activity, this can include timbers, electric cabling and metal and plastic water pipes.

Do not risk damage to your property or the contamination of food or spread of disease. As soon as you suspect rodent activity in your home please call us. We have a wide range of solutions to control the rodents and proof your building against further incursions. Our prices are highly competitive and satisfaction is guaranteed.



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