A giant rat problem

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Folks, the rats which cause us problems in UK are the brown rat which is also known as the Norway rat, they have been in the UK for many many years and are te predominant species. It is well known that the incisors constantly grow and have to be kept ground down by constant chewing. These incisors are ground into a chisel shape which makes the teeth incredibly sharp with an ability to chew through many of the materials used in the construction of houses including concrete.

An extreme example of the problems caused is reported by the Daily Mail the full story can be read on the link below:


In short an unlucky Swedish family thought they had a mouse in the kitchen, the problem persisted investigations were made and traps laid. Perhaps similar words to those in the famous film JAWS were uttered “We are going to need a bigger trap”. Eventually a rat measuring 15 inches in the body. (The total including tail would have been around 28-29 inches long was captured. This rat of rats had chewed through the concrete wall, through wood, through the back of a dishwasher, which the rat had then taken up residence in

.Ratigan: The gigantic rat measured 15in from nose to the base of its tail, and made its way into the flat in north Stockholm by chewing through the wall

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