Foxes in Surrey in Spring

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We are seeing an increase in calls in relation to fox problems as spring approaches, this may be connected to the recent improvement in the weather allowing people to be out and about in their gardens for longer periods and seeing more of foxes and their activities.

There are a number of solutions we can provide to deal with foxes, however before contemplating any action to tackle foxes the first question we always ask is ” Are the foxes really causing you a problem?” By that we mean:-

Are they entering or trying to enter your buildings?

Are they attacking your pets or livestock?

Are they leaving their droppings where it is a risk to children?

Are they causing serious damage to your garden or property?

Are they defecating or urinating to the detriment of your property?

If the foxes are not causing  you serious problems, we advise that they be left alone. We suggest that you consider removing foodstuffs which are readily available to your foxes. If there is nothing to attract them to your property there is less likelihood of them causing you serious problems.

However if you are suffering from any of the problems listed above and action is required, please call us for a no obligation chat. We are happy to talk through the options available and provide advice and if applicable a free site visit and quote.

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