Fox gets into 11 year old girls bed via a kitchen catflap!

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The BBC today (8th November) report on an 11 year old girls lucky escape. Jessica Lambert from Essex woke to find a fox on her bed. Asleep in a downstair bedroom, she woke up, then stroked the animal before going to her parents room to tell them about her unusual nocturnal visitor. Mr Simon Lambert found the animal cowering in the kitchen pantry . It was discovered that the fox had slipped into the house through a catflap in the kitchen door at about 1.00am. The familys pet dog had failed to notice the unwanted intruder.

Fox facts

  • Red foxes have overtaken grey wolves as the most widespread canines in the wild
  • Distributed throughout the northern hemisphere, red foxes are highly adaptable and occupy territories in deserts and tundra as well as urban areas
  • There are 45 subspecies and several colour morphs of red fox
  • As well excellent vision, smell and touch the bushy-tailed true fox can produce 28 different calls

The family said a number of people in the area left food out for foxes and it is thought that has made them less afraid of humans.

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