Cat Flea Risks Due To Failure Of Prevention Treatment

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We have received a number of calls from customers with regards to cat flea infestations. We have had customers say that their regular treatment has started to fail, they have researched the internet and found multiple reports of failure of the same product “Frontline”. If you are starting to experience problems with your cat with fleas please contact your vet and obtain advice regarding a prevention strategy.

Cat fleas can leave you suffering from unpleasant bites, on adults the bites tend to be around the ankles; children can be more susceptible to bites and can get them anywhere, particularily if they roll around with the cat or allow it onto their bed.

To rid your house of fleas, you have to start by ridding the cat of fleas; thorough hoovering of the house is essential (dispose of the hoover bag after each hoovering) and remove any infested cat bedding from the home. This must all be done prior to the fumigation of the property.

If you have a problem and need advice please contact us for a no obligation quote.

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