2014 – First Wasps sighted

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waspnestWaspsFolks 12th march 2014, we have had the first call of the year from a regular customer reporting that he has wasps in the house. Last year the wasps did not start making an appearance until much later in the year, around the middle of May. The warm summer did allow them to keep going until really late in the year, we were dealing with nests right up until early December. We recommend that you check your lofts and outbuildings for Queens nests. These are easily identifiable they are a dirty light brown colour, they are around the size of a golf ball and will have an entrance hole on the bottom side. They will usually be  found suspended from wooden beams. If you find any they should be destroyed. Many people feel confident in doing this themselves, often smashing them with a mallet or length of wood. If  you do think you have a queens nest and are not happy to deal with it yourself we can help. Do not leave these nests in place, if you do, you can find you have serious wasp problems later in the year.

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